Why Choose Immersives?

An Immersive is a profoundly engaging therapeutic experience that differs from a weekly 50-minute session in both length and intensity, and may be more resonant with your heart, body, and mind. Immersives are custom built experiences that allow for a deeper and more concise dive into your healing and personal growth, and are fostered in the form of intensives and retreats.

Especially for:

Individuals Partners & FamiliesOrganizations

Intensives for Individuals, Partners, and Families
Intensives are time-bound, highly concentrated emotional commitments that are often centered on specific treatment goals with a clear, intentional focus. They begin with an assessment for the individual/couple’s suitability for an intensive, and require participants to have established outside support (e.g., an individual or couples therapist) by the time of engagement. This type of in-depth work is especially appropriate for working through blocks, becoming “unstuck,” or accelerated support when in crisis. The unique benefits of this powerful experience lead to an outcome where either the focus is resolved or the client is transitioned to their next stage of work.

Retreats provide the opportunity to step away from daily stressors or familiar environments to focus on relationship-building through the cultivation of healing, vulnerability, and authenticity. This immersive experience includes time for resting, relaxing, and fun, in addition to building intentional community. Offerings can be customized for individuals, partners, families, and organizations who share a common focus or objective.

Wonderful! This was my first time going to therapy. I felt comfortable immediately and made a great deal of progress in a short period of time.

RHQ Therapy Client