Why Attend a Workshop?

Our team is dedicated to the design and delivery of dynamic, evocative learning experiences for adult learners aimed at increasing knowledge and skills. We are proud to offer a different kind of training experience that enables participants to feel enjoyment and inspired through the learning process. Our trainings are culturally informed, emotionally engaging and captivate the hearts and minds of participants.

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Navigating Race and Racism in Interracial Relationships
The Navigating Race and Racism in Interracial Relationships workshop has been specifically designed to help partners and families name the often complicated dynamics related to race in their relationships. The foundation of this workshop is built upon holding and honoring the lived experience of people of color, while fostering an environment that heavily relies upon vulnerability, openness, understanding, and trust. Elements of the workshop include recognizing the impact of oppressive systems on each individual’s identity, gaining insight into each person’s process and development of their racial identity, and exploring the intersection and impact of non-racial identities (gender, class, sexual orientation, etc) on racial identity and lived experience.

Becoming a Racially Conscious Therapist (*for clinicians)
Race is a social construct that serves as an organizing force in our society and has radical implications for us all. Whether or not we acknowledge it, practitioners are racial beings living in a society where race matters. It matters in our personal lives, it matters in our professional lives and it matters in how we engage our practice. Whether consciously or unconsciously, our racial identity influences how we show up in our practice, what choices we make in our interventions and how we are seen by those we serve. Unfortunately, because it has been socially sanctioned to avoid talking about race, many professionals have not built up their capacity to consider how race matters personally or professionally, speak less of talking about race or utilizing a racially conscious lens in their work.

Because the self of the practitioner is critically important to the way one practices, this workshop offers you an opportunity to begin to look inward and tune yourself as the instrument. You will be introduced to a foundational tool for building your capacity to engage in conversations about race, and ultimately center racial consciousness and intersectional equity in their personal and professional relationships.

Discovering Motivational Interviewing: A 2 Day Introduction
This training is appropriate for professionals/professionals-in-training who have had no prior or some exposure to Motivational Interviewing techniques. People whose work involves helping clients achieve behavior change, ( i.e. mental health clinicians, counselors, coaches, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, case workers, outreach workers, dietitians, therapists, clergy, personal trainers, etc.) will benefit most from this intensive Motivational Interviewing training.

During the introductory Motivational Interviewing training we will review all you need to know about the underlying theory and principles of MI. Through the use of presentations, videos, highly interactive exercises and demonstrations, the trainer will guide participants in learning the technique, style and spirit of Motivational Interviewing.

All participants in the Motivational Interviewing training will have ample opportunity to practice their motivational interviewing skills with the support of the trainer, using “real plays”. With participants consent, participants will receive individualized coaching on how to use the Motivational Interviewing OARS skills.

Intermediate Motivational Interviewing Workshop
The Intermediate Motivational Interviewing Workshop (16 hours) is aimed at professionals and graduate students who have completed 12-16 hours of introductory MI. Participants attending the training should have a clear understanding of the theoretical foundation and principles of the MI approach, the elements that make up the MI spirit, and the MI technique (O.A.R.S). The Intermediate MI workshop will be a highly experiential training focused on increasing participants comfort and confidence with using the MI techniques (O.A.R.S) within all 4 of the processes (Engage, Focus, Evoke, Plan). Participants will also increase proficiency in their ability to recognize, evoke, and respond to change talk. This workshop is focused on building participants current skill level and providing ample opportunity to practice and advance MI skills. Additionally participants will have the opportunity to learn and interact with other professionals.

MI Training for Friends and Family of Mental and Behavioral Health Providers
This Motivational Interviewing training equips friends and families of mental health providers with basic MI skills that will serve as guidance for supporting the people in their lives. During the introductory training, we will review all you need to know about the underlying theory and principles of MI. Through the use of presentations, videos, highly interactive exercises and demonstrations, the trainer will guide participants in developing the abilities and skills to sufficiently support their clinical and behavioral health family members and friends with the support that they provide to so many others.

Wonderful! This was my first time going to therapy. I felt comfortable immediately and made a great deal of progress in a short period of time.

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