Bukky is a rare energy and talent as a therapist. Her passion is to support her clients to live their most emotionally expressive, relationally connected, fun and joyous lives. I am a child and family therapist, as well as work individually with adults and have referred Bukky numerous clients for couples therapy over the years and rely on her for expert consultation in couples work. She provides down to earth clear guidance to clients about how to create safety in relationships as the launching pad for passion and exploration. Bukky’s sparkle and natural inclination to delight is readily evident upon meeting her, but what is truly her gift is her ability to stay with, to really park it with pain, despair and anger to help couples get to a more deep and true place. I will continue to refer other couples to Bukky and rely on her professional advice as I feel she is in every true sense a healer.

RHQ Coaching Client