Frequently Asked Questions

Making decisions about care of this kind isn’t always straightforward for many people.
Don’t worry, we’re here to answer any questions that might make things easier.
Below are some answers to common questions that arise.

Do you offer a free consultation?
We do not offer a free first session. However, if you are questioning whether a clinician feels like a good fit for you, you can connect with them for a free 15-minute meet and greet, first. This is an opportunity to ask the clinician any questions you may have regarding their style and approach to therapy.
Do you take insurance?
We are not currently in network with insurance panels. However, we are an out-of-network benefit provider. This means if you are eligible to use out of network benefits with your health insurance policy, we can assist you by filling your claims on your behalf. You would be responsible for paying for the full rate of each session at the time of the session. Should you be eligible to use your out of network benefits, your insurance company will reimburse you directly via check.
What are the session rates?
Our rates for individual, partners, and family therapy vary based on the clinician as well as the length of session. Our client coordinator can answer questions regarding the specific costs for your care. You can reach them by phone at 212-730-7400 or by completing our care connect form.
Can I sign up for biweekly sessions?
We do not take on new clients on a biweekly basis, as weekly sessions have historically been proven to be the most effective form of therapy care. We do have clients who eventually transition to having sessions every other week, however this is a decision for you and your clinician to make together once your clinician has enough context about your care needs.
Are you conducting sessions in person?
All sessions are being conducted remotely until further notice. We are using Microsoft Teams - a fully encrypted, HIPAA compliant platform, for video call teletherapy sessions.
How long are the therapy sessions themselves?
Individual sessions can be scheduled for 45, 60 or 75 minutes. Partner sessions are 60, 75 or 90 minutes long. We generally recommend 60-minute sessions for individuals and 75-minute sessions for partners.
Do you provide therapy for children and adolescents?
Our clinicians are able to take on clients over 12 years of age. Consent is required from all parents or legal guardians for clients who are under 18 years old.
What is your cancellation policy?
We ask that you inform us of any cancellations at least 48-business hours prior to your scheduled session time to avoid our cancellation fee, which is the full price for your session.
Can I take a break from therapy?
If you cancel more than two sessions in a row, we are not able to hold your slot for you. If you do choose to take a break from sessions, we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee that you will still have a slot with your clinician available upon your return.

If it helps to talk to someone as you explore
the care option and therapist that best suits you,
please reach out.

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